Gray Areas

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What is a Gray area?

A gray area is indeterminate territory, undefined position, neither here nor there.

For some of us there are NO gray areas. Things are always either right or wrong.

Many people choose to set values for wrongs so smaller wrongs become gray. The problem with making up your own values is that you can change them when it suits you.

People go from Adultery is wrong; to Adultery is wrong if they do it to me; to Adultery Woo Hoo "Lets do it now."

When we want to do something that we know is horrible we change our values so it becomes OK.
We must live by rules of Black and White or this hapens over and over.






This becomes:







Which can become:


Everything is OK




With all these gray areas life is like walking on egg shells.
Many people have to have therapy because of the conflicts established by living in Gray Areas.
Life is so simple in a world of black and middle ground, no gray areas.


God Bless and good luck;
Bishop McLaughlin



Get the Ebook and help your marriage.