Gay In America: Punishment 24/7 Without A Trial.

Before I start I want to explain where these thoughts come from. I am a musician who became an Ordained Minister and started doing work with troubled marriages. As a minister the subject of gays, gay marriage, and gay rights sometimes pops up. People have all kinds of opinions and I have heard them all.

I am also a father and one of my grown children is gay. I have seen how the world and our own family responds to him. Because of these things I have both an interest in the subject and some insight into it.

I want to explain the title now. A person can commit a murder and unless he is caught; he is never punished. If the murderer is caught, AND convicted in court AND sentenced; then he is punished and serves his time. The same thing holds true of a child molester, rapist, bank robber and everything else illegal.

However; for a gay person they are punished every day of their lives. The gay person doesn't have to be caught and they certainly don't get a trial. They don't even serve a limited number of years of punishment. (There are minimum and maximum sentences for crimes but these don't apply to gay people.)

This website is dedicated to helping people maintain great relationships.

We help gays to have better relationships with their family. We help people to learn to live and let live.

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Bishop McLaughlin


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