Don't Gamble With Dating: Get Better Game.

I studied to become a relationship counselor several years ago and I studied what shrinks had to say about the dating process. The first few steps of repairing a bad relationship is just like dating only harder.

With a bad relationship there is anger & resentment but with meeting someone new there are NO emotions at all. I soon learned that the experience and skills used to help couples in distress are fantastic when applied to meeting people and dating.

I became interested in writing this book when I saw a rerun of a Dr Phil show and some pick up masters were showing their techniques. Dr. Phil had set cameras in the clubs to film these guys in action. Most of the time the pickups and dates were complete failures. However; they had written books and they sell them.

I decided that the relationship training I had and the psychology and physiology training I had would be a great match; when used in the meeting process. To add to this; I also read many books on the topic of picking up women. I read books written by others to see if what I had to say was already being said or if I needed to write my thoughts down. I was appalled by most of the books on the topic.

This book is different because I explain to you what the differences are in how a woman thinks; compared to how a man thinks. I am not talking about intelligence. Men and women are equally capable of being brilliant. They can both be Dr's, lawyers or anything that they want to be. I am talking about how women are mentally hardwired differently from men. Science can discover facts and scientists can understand new ideas but to help YOU; someone has to tell you about what the scientists have learned.

I also tell you about the reasons why women have different emotional needs. I even tell you what emotional needs most women have. I tell you how hormones help women to grow with different attitudes from men. I explain why women can wait so long for sex and what they need in order to feel comfortable enough with you to have sex.

This book helps you overcome the fear of approaching women. You learn why this fear is silly. It explains how women think. You learn what women want from men and a relationship. You learn how to talk to women.

You discover where to meet women. I cover what makes a good date and why the normal safe choices like a movie or dinner are a waste of time. I explain the driving forces in how women mature and develop emotionally.

In other words after reading this book you won't be in the dark anymore.

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